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WellNextt Studios which are studio clinics for weight management and fitness.

WellNextt Studios use the triple “A” approach

Access - At WellNextt Studios we use individually formulated programs, from the results of a comprehensive fitness analysis for each client after taking into account, their lifestyle, medical historyand food preferences.

Analyse - Whatever may be the issue, we help correct your weight and fitness woes with precision. Your are able to choose from a large variety of programmes including Weight management programmes and Wellness programmes for a variety of lifestyles after our in-depth analysis of your concern.

Act - At WellNextt we use world class Smartercize - EMS fitness technology combined with Ultrasonic lipolysis to help you achieve fat loss and muscle toning. We use scientifically balanced eating patterns to help you maintain your weight.

WellNextt studios have trained team of professionals to provide you with the best quality of care. Our Wellness team includes one-to-one coaching with nutritionist and personal trainers, resulting in assured positive consequences in a warm, friendly, aspiring & inspiring ambience. WellNextt offers support at every step helping people maximise their health and well-being. With state of the art facilities on site, at affordable rates and fully qualified staff, the company can provide health services to one & all.

WellNextt incorporates Active and Passive approach designed to correct your metabolism and any hormonal imbalances in your body.

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LipoFit is a Gentle, Painless, Non-Surgical Ultrasonic Lipolysis. LipoFit uses ultrasound radio frequency method to breakdown your fat deposits from specific parts of the body. It is manned by trained professionals. LipoFit is one of the safest methods to DECREASE BODY FAT PERCENT. LipoFit is far more advantageous in comparison to any other traditional or surgical methods.Lipofit being Non-Surgical Lipolysis, one can target specific body parts like waist, thighs, hips, back and arms to disintegrate fat layers effortlessly and shapeup.


Smartercise as the name suggests is the smart way to excercise deviced for optimum results. It uses the technology of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Technically, EMS is a total body workout with body current. In this context, it might be helpful to know that our muscles contract through electric impulses (bioelectronics) in normal state. The EMS training makes use of this effect. By employing hardly noticeable external electro impulses, the natural effect is additionally intensified and an effective training can be achieved.

No crash diets No crash diets No crash diets No side effects No crash diets No pills or supplements No crash diets No strenuous exercise No crash diets  No false claims

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